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I am bipolar and i feel insecure with my friendships?

I am bipolar and yes I am medicated. My whole life I've been the background friend and never quite fit in anywhere. I took up gaming and found my passion. I have a group that I game with and we all are pretty good friends. However I started to notice that they dont answer me a lot of the time and dont act very excited to see me log in like they do others. (shouting their names, telling them to come over to their location etc). I have tried to bring this up recently, but they said they had no idea what I was talking about. I feel like they dont like me that much but I wanted someones opinion on this too. Due to my medical problems, my brain could just be making this up to make me feel more small and lonely. What do you think?

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    It could be you or it could be them or it could be a little bit of both? I would discuss this with a therapist who can role play with you and discuss why this may be occurring. Maybe you need some new friends?

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