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Why does BLM ignore the fact that more white people have been killed by cops than black people?

In 2019, only 9 unarmed black people were killed by cops whereas 19 unarmed white people were killed by cops. If BLM wants to have a discussion on "police brutality," then maybe they should include other races too. 

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    This is a "my people" issue for BLM. There will be no concern for other people in a my people situation. 

    Yes, the totals say more whites than blacks. Statistics tell a tale also; they say this happens to blacks more often compared to whites. I think it's 2.6 or 2.8 times more common for blacks. Coincidentally blacks are 2.5 times more likely to have an interaction with police anyways. What does that coincidence mean? Well it says that cops are actually killing fairly or evenly by race. They just have 2.5 more interactions with blacks which of course would increase all other numbers by 2.5 or close to it. So with that actually being a wash, police brutality is evenly shared with whites; it leaves us with the basic question of why do cops have more interactions with blacks. The problem lies in the 2.5 more likely to have an interaction. 

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    Not as a percentage of the population in their racial groups.

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    So.... that means that roughly 33% of those who were unarmed but killed by cops were black... they are only 13% of the population.  See the problem here?  Killed at nearly 3x their representation in the population.  THAT is a problem, Jack, no matter how you slice it.

  • Anonymous
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    9/19 is 47%

    Blacks make up 13% of the US population. 

    Is it making sense now?

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    BLM has murdered more ppl in their 'protests' than have been killed by fact BLM is shooting children..

  • MissA
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    3 weeks ago

    Count what fraction of Americans are black vs white. Do the math. 

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    3 weeks ago

    Why does someone ask this question pretty much every single day?

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    If you really think that only 9 unarmed black people were killed by cops in all of 2019, then you really are an idiot.

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