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Does wearing 3 condoms protect you against herpes?

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    You only need one. Hence other answers. I have Herpes. I got it kissing and oral and intercourse  USE a condom. As a matter of fact, the sad truth is. Now-a-days you really can't even kiss somoene! UGH. It can only be spread if that person has a break out though. AT LEAST that's what my doctor told me.

  • Mystic
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    1. NEVER wear more than one condom at a time. That is a waste and a good way to have a failure due to slippage and tearing. Wear ONE at a time and make sure you wear it PROPERLY. Change it after each sex act. Don't forget about oral - use a condom for it too. If you're giving oral to a female, use a dental dam (you may have to make your own cutting a condom and laying it flat over the female genital area since actual pre-made dental dams can be hard to find for whatever reason).

    2. Herpes can be spread anywhere that isn't covered by the condom. If you kiss someone with a certain strain of Herpes, you'll likely get oral herpes. If someone has herpes and gives you oral, you'll likely get genital herpes.

  • Nope. Herpes can affect areas of the genitals that are not covered by a condom. You can still get herpes, no matter how many condoms you decide to wear. 

  • Andy C
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    3 is primarily less than 1 seeing as slippage will occur. 

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    i would hope so

  • 3 weeks ago

    wearing more than one makes them more likely to tear, so it's actually more likely to give you an std

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