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Why am still sad over the death of my dog?

My dog Savannah passed away a year and a half ago and sometimes I still cry about it. I just feel like a piece of my heart is missing and I just want her back so bad. Ive gotten a new dog since then and sometimes I compare her to Savannah and I know thats weird because shes a different dog but sometimes I just wish she was her. I mean I love the new dog but Im still too upset. Should I have moved on by now?

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  • Jojo
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    2 months ago

    I lost my once in a lifetime dog in early 2016 and I still mourn him, but now,not to the extent it affects my present life. 

    2 years ago I lost another beloved dog to cancer and he was only 7 years  old. 

    If Savannah was your first dog, it does come as a shock and it does take a longer time for the pain you feel to get less.

    I do have another dog now, and he is nothing like any of my previous dogs and its unwise to compare dogs as they are all different and each one is `special` in its own unique way.

    Yes, I have had times when I wish my present dog was more like my my deceased dog, but I accept him for what and how he is, instead of wanting him to be something he will never be.

    Its just no good hankering on and making yourself miserable wanting your old dog back, because that is NEVER going to happen.

    Yes, you need to move on and keep the memories of Savannah deep in the back of your mind and concentrate on seeing all the best things about your present dog who deserves all  your love now. 

    One day the new dog too will die, and then you will mourn all over again if your bond with her has become strong.

    Everyone who owns a dog and loves them, has to inevitably face the day that the dog dies. Its part and parcel of owning a dog and its worth it all for the joy they bring when they are with us. 🐕‍🦺💙💙💙


    Source(s): GSD owner for 57 years.
  • 2 months ago

    I don’t know that you ever “move on”.

    I am 61 and still grieve sometimes for pets that pass away decades ago.  I still tear up any time I talk about my dog Bob, who passes shortly before I got one of the dogs I have now who is currently 8.

    What I would suggest is to stop comparing.  It seems like it’s unfair to the dog you have now.  I got my current dog to replace Bob, I was desperate to replace Bob, but Kazoo is an entirely different dog and while I love her as much, I do love her differently as she has different qualities.

    I suggest working with your current dog on training.  Read up on positive training which is super fun for both the human and the dog and is an incredible bonding experience.

  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    cause you miss her

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    every single dog is the same lol theres no difference

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