What does it mean if I keep seeing the same person in my dreams?

From time to time I see the same person in my dreams knowing that I am not thinking about him. 

I used to love him many years ago without talking to him once.

I see him sometimes looking at me. This time I saw him with me he was happy and I prepared myself ( nice makeup, new outfit..) to meet him. I was so happy in that dream. 

I am engaged to someone else whom I love so much. I feel guilty when I see that person in my dreams.

1 Answer

  • 3 weeks ago

    But did you actually meet him in your dreams? I doubt it, as he is a symbol of the one you will love and be with for the rest of your Life,. Now that you are engaged and will be married, he will probably stop appearing, or change to a helper type of figure in your dreams. 

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