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Can a UFC fighter win a fight against a Martial Arts Master ?

Can UFC fighters beat any martial arts practioners I say any martial arts because. UFC fighters train in many different martial arts themselves thus earning the 'nickname' mma guys for themselves.

I even hear many UFC fighters such as Connor Mcgregor claim that he could easily beat any martial arts master. 

Is this true can your average UFC guys beat black belt martial artist practioner and can top UFC guys beat a Martial artist instructor/master and what's better to learn traditional martial arts or mixed martial arts since there are so many schools and gyms that teach one or another so I'm thinking what I should learn for my self! 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Ah another person with limited knowledge.

    Most martial arts .actually are "MMA" to an extent. Some of it is hidden, lost or not taught.

    Just look into Kajukenbo. It is truly a mixed martial system. And it been around a long time. Predating the current MMA by decades. And that is just an example.

    BTW i never heard of anyone in "MMA" that have Kajukenbo back ground.

    Kajukenbo mainly found in Hawaii and west coast. Is a very vicious system, it includes biting and gouging and fish hooking (all illegal in any competition). Or old school Judo which has strikes and even things like fish hooking and gouging.

    Do alittle digging and yuo see why many say MMA is bullshido

  • Imp
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    2 months ago

    Xu Xiaodong is by his own words a sub par fighter, past his prime any time he fights a martial arts master he wins!

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