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Were Prince Charles and Camilla the innocent victims in their rather long first marriages?

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    Camilla wasn't a victim at all. She and Andrew were swingers and had an open marriage. By every account, she and Andrew also loved each other a lot, were super into each other-- until they didn't and weren't. Not all love lasts forever. 

    Charles, he wasn't a victim 'in' his marriage by any way, shape or form. But he was, to some degree, a victim 'of' his marriage in that it's clear that it was foisted upon him by the The Firm-- but, again, only 'to some degree' because, while it would be remiss to discount the extraordinary difficulty of doing so, he could've told everyone to fvck off and done what he knew was right for him, like his uncle David did and his son Harry has done. So, inasmuch as there is some degree of victimhood there, there's only so much 'woe is me, the poor little rich boy' anyone can stomach as it all might've been avoided had he bothered to grow a spine. 

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    The only victim seems to be you and your silly obsession.

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