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Is it possible to get pregnant from this ?? Maybe I’m just in my head. ?

I usually have a normal 28 day cycle and always have protected sex with my partner. 

I wanted to have a second round with my bf. He never finishes in me. I’m responsible with that. 

He put the condom on backwards and then flipped it around. 

I wasn’t sure if there was any sperm on it. He wiped his hands on his legs. 

We waited about four to five minutes before starting. 

Should I freak out? My period is like seven days away. Thanks today is day 21 of my cycle. 

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    From this it is clear that you are either idiots or you are trolling this.  He put the condom on backwards?  Really? Obviously, if this were a real situation you would have already become pregnant.  No one is stupid enough to reuse or turn a condom inside out.  So epic fail on your part.  Not only have you just failed trolling 101,you have also failed grade school level basic sex education.   EDIT: Aww, touchy about being stupid...Wow.  Not surprised one bit.

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