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What does this dream mean?

I'm a 17 year old girl and both my parents are alive and still married, but I had this dream where my dad was married to someone else and I couldn't seem to find my mom which made me upset. the woman my dad was married to now didn't really have a face, but she was rude to me and didn't like me.

I was living in another house that wasn't mine so I tried running away when my dad and the woman were away, except I was unsuccessful in running away.

Finally I got so upset over something the woman said to me that I yelled both at my dad and the women and I just ran out the door.

I was running and the odd thing was that it seemed no one I knew existed here in my dream. I didn't see my mother or my girlfriend or anyone I knew other than my dad and the faceless women.

I was wondering where were all these people I cared about and why my dad wasn't acting like normal.

But at the end of my dream I was on top of a building, it was windy. I was scared to look down, but I did anyways.

I took a look across the city from on top of the building and inhaled deeply before jumping off the building I was falling and falling then I woke up in bed. I was breathing heavily for some reason and it took me a moment to realize I was dreaming.

I think some important things to mention is that I have an anxiety disorder, my mom is sick right now, my dad in the dream was cold and rude, but my dad in real life is kind and a good dad, and there was no one in my dream except my dad and the faceless woman.

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    You're 17. You're about to finish high school, become an adult, and go out on your own into the world, so I'd say this dream is an expression of natural fears you have regarding that-- fear of everything in your life changing as it imagines a totally changed world in which near everyone you care about is gone. The building, the dream pushing you to such a ledge, that's like how life is pushing towards the ledge of adulthood, and at some point, you've either got to take the plunge or the blowing wind of time is going to push you off, so you made the leap and took the plunge and woke up.

    Keep in mind, this isn't an oracle or a prophesy telling you what to do. It's just a dream that expresses your unconscious and maybe even conscious worries and fears about all these extremely massive changes in your life that are rushing towards you. 

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    Your dream has no real meaning. This was just some random thoughts going on into your teen age mind. If you have anxiety dis order or worried too much then need to relax.

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    Your real mother gives you a safe and secure feeling and that is why you love her so much.  The faceless woman doesn't belong in the family so that is why she is faceless.  In some way you feel threatened in the family circle.  Can you figured out why? Is there some reason why your mother is out and this other woman is in?  Think about it for awhile.  Give yourself some time to allow the truth to emerge into your consciousness.  (Nancy's interpretation of this dream is really right on target. I make a habit of never reading other people's interpretation until after I write mine. )

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    I read once that all elements whether it be a person, place, thing or whatever is to some extent an expression of yourself in dreams, kinda like poetry. For example, a person without a face could be a part of you that feels it can't express itself and therefore comes accross as cold to another element, I believe your mother's situation and your anxiety could be playing a big part here. I know its not much.. But that's what I heard. 

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    Not all dreams have a meaning but it seems that this may be a fear that you have, nothing more.

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