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How can I get my rat to sleep in his hammocks?

My rat will not sleep in his hammock. I have tried almost everything like; put food on them( he just hangs on the cage and gets the food;) , set him in there when he is sleepy (He climbs out), and I've put his bedding in there. So can I have any other suggestions??   

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    Why are you forcing a rat to sleep where he doesn't want to? He doesn't feel safe there, so he won't sleep there! Many rodents feel more comfortable burrowed or buried. Many of mine have slept in hides, only a handful used the hammocks. I usually had the hammocks there for play and climbing, or if they were a bit territorial, some would eat there, but nothing else. You're forcing him, so you're scaring him. Get him a hide and let him sleep where he wants, for crying out loud. 

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    Just let him sleep where he wants, he'll be fine.

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    Some rats don't like hammocks and I wouldn't try to force him to use it. There is no need for him to use it. Provide a different bed for him. Try a cuddle cup or sleep sack. 

    Is he alone? Rats are social animals and need to be in same sex or neutered pairs. Be sure to introduce them properly (in a neutral area, clean the cage thoroughly etc. Google for instructions) to help ensure they get along. 

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