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With ringworm in cats, should you help get the crusty flakey stuff off or just leave it?

Need some kitten advice about ringworm!

Just adopted two kittens from a local shelter. The kittens have ringworm and I have been given lime sulfur to treat at home. Nothing has spread (yet), so I know the treatment is at least working to keep spread from occurring. 

Here’s my question:

Kitten #1 has only two spots and I can clearly see her skin and the sulfur seems to really get in there well. Kitten #2 has multiple spots and they are all super crusty and flaky. Should I be trying to get rid of the crust to help get the lime sulfur in more deeply to her skin? Or do I just spot treat the same way and let the crust fall off on its own if and when it’s ready?

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  • Lauren
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    2 weeks ago

    Be careful with pulling off the crusts if you are going to do that. It may spread the ringworm and if the crusts land on other areas of the kitten's body it may spread that way as well. I would avoid disturbing the crusts for now. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    when i have been to a vet and have further questions i just call them. they answer u for free. call your vet, no one here is a vet and i haven't got a ringworm with my cat YET

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