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This kitten is so scared, and I don't know what to do.?

The day before yesterday, I found a kitten, who I named Luna, in the street that had been hit by a car. Luckily it was only her tail that got ran over. I took her to the vet, and she had to have her tail amputated. Ever since I brought her home yesterday, she's been hiding, which is understandable considering what she's been through. Right now she's hiding behind the pillows on my bed and crying, and it's breaking my heart. I just want Luna to feel safe.

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    if she was a feral kitten it will take longer for her to adjust and trust you cats are not exactly known to enjoy a change in environment if she was use to living outside being in a place she's unfamiliar with will stress her out for right now give her space let her come out of hiding at her own accords she'll eventually start to relax and begin to explore once she feels ready to and will warm up to you over time.

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    It makes sense, when Luna woke up from having her tail amputated she probably felt the pain, and she might still be feeling pain, she could be scared, or she might not trust humans yet

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    Keep her confined to one room for the time being.  Every thing is very overwhelming and scary for her.  Talk to her softly and put food, water and litter pan in the room.  Check on her every hour and sit on the floor holding her to make her feel safer.

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    it isn't unusual for cats to hide when they get brought to a new house.  let her have some space and get used to the place.  she will come to you when she is ready.  Pretty well every cat I have adopted has hidden away for the first day or two.  It is important to avoid chasing them around at this stage.  let them feel in control.  check on them once in a while and say hi, but then leave them be some more.

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    Give her some space, she has probably been a stray and is not used to people,   Fix up a safe place for her, a box with a blanket and a hole for her to go in and out of.    You can sit in the room and just let her get settled, don't approach her, but keep food, water and a litter box where she can access, it may take a week or two for her to feel safe

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    She's probably a feral, which means it will take extra long for her to adapt. And you should not expect her to act like a normal domestic cat until then. She needs a place to feel safe-- hiding on your bed is too exposed. Fix her a spot inside a secluded closet where she can hide. Leave the door cracked open and put her bowls & litter box just outside. She'll venture out when she feels secure enough, but don't insist on too much contact. Use play to coax her into being around you. It will take time, but she'll eventually adjust.

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    luna will cry a few days but then she will adjust. when we brought our cat he was crying all night, he didn't want to go and sleep in bed with us, so he was walking all night and crying. i was freaked out exactly like u, i told my husband maybe we should contact the parents' owner and give the kitten back. the next day he was hiding but came out when i tried to play with him and was playing and eating, but at night he was crying again. then he discovered a laundry room and liked to hide and sleep in dirty laundry basket. he cam out to play and eat. in 5 days he was happy go everywhere kitten, very playful and forgot he had another home before. he still likes to sleep in a cupboard with clothes, now he does  not fit in the laundry busket. do not give up hope

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