why does WHO late so much to invent COVID 19 vaccine? even till today no perfect covid 19 vaccine is invented or out to the market? ?


Every covid 19 vaccine which was or is in trial position, but all are almost seems to failed to give remedy... what is the reason behind it? why WHO is almost fail to conduct or create a specific medicine against COVID 19, though a lot of countries is tried but could not get success...yet.

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    WHO is an administrative body.  They don't invent vaccines.  There are a number of medical research bodies working on vaccines, but they can't be released to the public until they are properly tested and that takes time.  The most advanced vaccine has been produced in Oxford, England and AstraZeneca are ready to manufacture it.  However, we won't sell any to the USA until they stop blackmailing us.

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