Doesn't it seem that the "Grand Old Party" has lost it's ethics?  ?

President Reagan must be turning over in his grave with the racism, lying and dishonesty of what was a party with ethics, ideas and hope for all Americans.  Now it seems to be a rehash of the issues put forth by the disenchanted Southern Democrats (now Republicans) of old.

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  • Jas B
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    5 months ago

    I think several of the Lincoln Project's campaign ads demonstrate this perfectly, using Republicans own words against Trump and his core supporters.   

    Who would have though groups f Republicans would be making the most hard hitting ads against a Republican President.  The other one which often uses the words of former Republicans is Republican Voters Against Trump.

    But then Trump never was a Republican, any more than he was a Democrat when he used to claim to support them.  The only party Trump cares about is the Trump Party. 

     I suspect if he goes down in November he would want to take the Republican Party with him, after all he has demonstrated his nasty vindictiveness against those he blames for letting him down, when things have gone wrong multiple times.  After all he has yet to ever admit a mistake, and so no way will be accept that he would be in any way to blame if he loses.

    If you haven't seen these Republican group's ads, here are the links.

  • 5 months ago

    True -- but the Democratic Party haven't exactly covered themselves in glory recently , either , with their appeasing attitude towards powerful foreign dictatorships ,and their uncritical support of the BLM movement. 

    Both parties have lost their moral compasses 

  • Guber
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    5 months ago

    Well, they may have lost their ethics, but they've got some great conspiracy theories. And some big words, too.

  • 5 months ago

    You should do some research.  Reagan was so awful for our nation that even today we haven't overcome his social and economic mistakes.  His war on unions ended America's middle class golden age.  By canceling funding for mental health, he created our homeless crisis.  The dude conducted illegal arms sales to fund his very own deep state branch of the government that wouldn't need to answer to Congress.  His run was financed by the banks, who were given free reign to dismantle the checks that once kept them from running our economy ragged.  And do I even need to go into trickle down...?


    Oh yes, we can also basically thank Reagan for the AIDs epidemic, as he shamed people away from seeking treatment for it by referring to it as a disease for gay men.

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  • John
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    5 months ago

    The Democratic Party never had ethics to begin with.

  • 5 months ago

    republikkklans have lost their moral compass

  • Yavan
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    5 months ago

    President Reagan sowed the seeds of the party's destruction. Trump is not an accident of American conservatism, he is its logical conclusion. Ever since Reagan, conservatism has been a mindless worship of wealth and the wealthy. This is the culture that has culminated in the election of Trump: A man with absolutely no valuable qualifications, except ''the beauty of me is, I'm very rich''.

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