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Is there any reason I should need to upgrade to 1 gig internet service?

Our apartment complex supplies 200 mbps as part of the rent, but my roommate wants the gig offered by Spectrum.  Thing is that they charge $199.99 to upgrade and then we'd have to pay $60 a month.  Naturally if my roommate wanted to pay for everything then I'd be all for it, but he thinks I should split it.


Most of the games I play are offline.  We have 2 Roku tvs and a Fire Stick.  He games a lot, but I can't imagine we're even touching the bandwidth that we have now.

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    You're entitled to use the internet connection because it's part of the rent you already pay. Since you don't use it much, he should pay it all. As a courtesy, you might want to pay $10 a month, but you're not really obligated to do that. Good luck in the friendship.

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