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how true that the Sun and Moon are often the triggers for the events that are tied to the outer planetary energies?

example , Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assasinated on June 28, 1914. He had Pluto opposing his Sun and Mercury and squaring his Moon....and on the day he was assasinated the Sun was opposing his Mercury and squaring his moon and opposing his Sun. is this usual that the Sun is the trigger and the Moon? why this is?

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    "Are you saying that astrologers knew it before the astronomers? "

    Hey Genius, Contemporary astrologers know where Pluto was when Christ was born. Just because it wasn't discovered before 1930 doesn't mean it can't be used by astrologers today, duh. Ever heard of an ephemeris? Didn't think so.  Another "gotcha" failure. But as you like to say, this is the entertainment section and you are the entertainment. 

    To the questioner:  " ... and on the day he was assassinated the Sun was opposing his Mercury and squaring his moon and opposing his Sun.

    Here's your problem, that happens every year.  The question then is "Why this year?" "Trigger" when used by knowledgeable astrologers especially when applied to transits, doesn't mean the transits alone. In fact transits alone rarely do anything.  The Sun, for instance  makes the same transiting aspects to the natal chart each and every year. The way astrology used to be done was to establish a hierarchy of predictive techniques.  First was primary directions, now mostly replaced by secondary progressions.  These indicated the broad overview of upcoming events. Then the astrologer would look at the solar return for the year followed by lunar returns.  I can't explain what they did with these three methods here.  Too long.  Once the astrologer decided on a prediction the inevitable follow up question was "When?" That is what the transits were used for - timing.  They were never used by themselves.

    Sadly despite having computer programs doing all the heavy math work in seconds, astrologers got lazy and tend to use transits alone. The rationale was that the outer three move so slowly that the other techniques aren't necessary. I'm not buying that, but if they want to use outer planets in lieu of directions and progressions, then yes the personal planets are triggers. 

    One astrologer, I think his name is Ben Dykes, did a tremendous amount of work like this for WWI.  I haven't read it, so I can't be sure if he used the Archduke's natal chart or not.  He has a website and there might be some stuff there.  You won't find Pluto though.  Dykes is a traditionalist and doesn't use it. He would use things like profections and similar time lord systems.  He is well worth knowing. He did all of us a tremendous favor by translating all Bonatti's "Book of Astronomy" into English.  Previously we only had snippets and aphorisms.  

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    Transiting Sun and Mars are triggers.  Natal Sun and Moon, as well as the Angles, Mercury, Venus and Mars, all have strong responses from major transits of the outer planets. BUT a transit of Pluto can last 5 years, so you cannot really pick which day is affected .. the whole time is affected.

    But these major transits become stronger as they near the end of the influence/orb.  Also, the times surrounding a Retrograde Station or a Direct Station are stronger than other points during the transit.

    And generally the last contact is considered the strongest point .. but even then that point will last a couple of months, if not longer.Especially important for predicting are Solar Arc Progressions. They are more accurate than Transits.Major transits from the outer planets come in second for being a useful tool.And in third place, the Secondary Progressed Aspects .... you need both a major aspect AND a minor aspect, and then it is triggered by a square, conjunction, or opposition aspect of either Sun or Mars to either the natal or progressed position of either of the two planets involved in the progressed aspects.

    BUT you cannot predict what will happen. All that the transits and progressions show are the MOOD of whatever happens.  One person might be assassinated ... another might just be pushy and annoy others ... another person might be falsely accused by their boss of something they didn't do .. and another might have their father die ... and another might just be tense during that long period of time.  Same transit .. different impact.

    Transits are therefore best-used to help understand what is going on INSIDE of us at this point in time. I grew up with a mom who was an astrologer, and saw HER learn that you cannot predict the actual event .. just the mood of it.  And I've been doing astrology myself since 1972, and can affirm that you cannot guess what the transit/progression will mean ahead of time. In fact, there are times where we don't even seem to have any impact or influence from a transit.  And each person has some planets that react more to a transit or progressions, and others that don't. For instance, Saturn opposite Moon has never bothered me, but it throws my husband into an emotional tailspin.  But Saturn opposite my Venus is very painful, but my husband is never bothered when he has that transit.

    Nothing predicts the future.  Because the decisions we make in the moment can change what happens.  If Ferdinand had cancelled his plans for the day because he just didn't feel like it that day ... then he wouldn't have been assassinated. At least, not on THAT day.  We always have choice if we choose to use it.

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    Good or bad events, I have suspect moon can trigger events or even people. May God keep us all safe

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    That’s your best and only example? Did the archduke's astrologer fail because Pluto wasn’t known? Astrology is always super accurate. After the fact. 

    Pluto didn’t exist until 1930, so how did that work? His wife was killed at the same time, maybe her chart was the problem. You’re using conformation bias. 

    @GB: To what astrology knew, yes. Are you saying that astrologers knew it before the astronomers? You’re shooting arrows and then painting the targets. Astrology was all wrong until Pluto?

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