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Why do some people try to  make black americans seem less black than they already are?

I see people claiming that black americans are 20-25% white when it’s not true that’s not even the typical black american DNA that would mean each black american has biracial grandparents the average black american is 10% white and like 90% SSA (Sub-Saharan African) and most still look predominantly West African and look nothing like white or biracial people.

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    One wonders why this matters when no one's protesting against biology being what it is. They're in the streets over matters of socioeconomic disadvantage and police violence. 

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    Having studied Genealogy for over 50 years, there are some Black Americans who are 20%-25% European.  However the majority are 10% European.  Ones appearance has little to do with the percentage of ancestry.

    Source(s): Genealogical Researcher 50+ years
  • 4 weeks ago

    🥴 Listen, sparky.... just because science theorists say that's accurate doesn't necessarily mean it's true. 

    Trust me when I say my own distant blood lines have a potent effect on my own personality and behaviorial traits.

    I have fvcking freckles for crying out loud. 

    😏 Only whites have freckles. That's some weird fluky shxt for someone who has supposed minor influence and genes. 

    And the funniest part is my more whiter sibs and cousins show more influence and behavioral traits from the darky side.

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