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Could I get alcohol doing this?

This must wait until the pandemic is over and the borders open again, but when that happens, here's the deal:

I'm 19 and I live in Texas, about a 30 minute drive from the Mexican border. And I have a passport.

The drinking age down there is 18, so I was thinking that I could just drive to Mexico, buy what I want and drive it back here in my car.

Three questions:

1. How likely are the border agents to search my car? I mean, do they search every single car, or only when they see something suspicious? I'm sure lots of Texans my age go south of the border for parties.

2. If they did search my car and found the liquor, could I actually get into any trouble?

Because technically, I'm still in Mexico at that point, where I'm legal to possess alcohol, even if it's only by a few feet. So would I have actually committed a crime on American soil, or would they just make me forfeit the booze before I pass through?

3. Would it be safer to just drive 30 minutes to Mexico, buy the booze, and package it up and ship it to myself?

I don't have to tell the Mexican postal service what's in the package.

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  • Foofa
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    3 weeks ago

    You maybe able to get away with any of those things. But a good thing to say to yourself might be, "If I"m this hellbent on getting booze I wonder if it could mean I have the genetic predisposition to addiction and therefore drinking at 19 wouldn't be the best move." Your 30 or 40 year-old self might someday thank you for not taking this trip and not starting your alcoholism earlier than you normally would. At least finish college first. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    1. Extremely likely for a search when they see from your license that you are not 21.

    2. Technically when you are being questioned by US personnel at the border, you are on US territory. An arrest would be unlikely unless you had cases and cases and would then be charged with trafficking. They would just seize small quantities and let you go. Or they would need a separate facility to hold everyone. You really think you're the first person to think of this?

    3. This would be stupid. Several crimes being committed here. You would be in far more trouble for illegally importing by mail than by simply driving a couple of bottles across. Again, lots of people sitting in prison that thought, "Nah, they'll never know what's in the box."

  • 3 weeks ago

    1.  Pretty likely.  2.  Yes, minor in possession, etc.  3.  Good luck.

  • ANON
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    3 weeks ago

    an alternative less risky plan, find a store in your town with a younger store clerk, bring your alcohol to the counter and hand over the money right away plus $20 tell the clerk to keep it before he asks for ID, it may be hit or miss but when you find one that keeps it and lets you walk, he’s complicit in the crime, he wont tell a soul for fear of his job and he’ll appreciate the top up on his sh*t pay every time you buy alcohol from him there after. continue tip him consider it as a tax and you will have access to alcohol until you are 21. Without having to leave the state or get abducted by a cartel or worse trapped in Mexico with covid.

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