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In UK, what is the difference between illegal asylum seeking economic Afghan refugees from France, or migrant workers  from Philippines ?

who only got a visa after the 2nd or 3rd expensive application


Philippines has civil war

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    In YA we have categories.  There is an entire section devoted to immigration.  I can see you struggle with the English language, try moving this immigration question the the immigration category for more useful answers.  You are welcome.  Hint, it is under the politics category. 

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    There is no such thing as an illegal asylum seeker. Any foreign national who enters the UK (including its territorial waters) and claims asylum is legally entitled to remain while their asylum claim is processed. If they are deemed to be an economic migrant rather than a genuine refugee their claim will fail and they will be deported. In fact, enough areas of Afghanistan are considered to be "safe" for Afghans previously granted asylum to be sent back so new arrivals are unlikely to be granted asylum. Immigrants from the Phillipines aren't asylum seekers and normal immigration rules apply. So normally they would have to offer a skill or qualification, in medicine for example, the UK requires.

    6 T/Ds for a factual answer FFS! Are there really so many ignorant users?

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