Why does he *** so early, even when we're not having sex?

So my bf LOVES touching me. He says he gets pleasure from making me feel good. 

So last night, he was laying flat on his

back on the bed while I was laying on top of him, my *** towards him, and playing Minecraft. He started rubbing my legs, and rubbing my thighs, then my ***, and then, anal play ensued.

Well, I was very much enjoying myself, but then he said "Hey- Babe, you gotta get up." So I rolled off, thinking I'm crashing him or he has to readjust his *****, but when I look at him, he has the tell-tale face of a man who's trying not to come. He had boxers and a shirt on. I was fully clothed with baggy gym shorts on.

"Are you about to come?" I asked.

"Yes, duh, lol" He said.

"Hahaha, why?"

"Because I love making you feel so good. It makes me feel good."

So my question is, what is this? Is this a type of kink or fetish? And if so, is there a particular name for this type of kink? Or is he maybe suffering from premature ejaculation?

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    3 weeks ago

    Dont worry so much...hes a guy lol

  • If a guy gets on with a high degree , he ejaculates . He doesn't need to have sex for ejaculation .It is just foreplay not kink or premature ejaculation .

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