Constant vomiting (2 years plus) ?

Long story short my girlfriend lives with her aunt who seems to have some kind of version of cyclic vomiting syndrome. Whenever she eats any amount or form of food you name it she is guaranteed to throw it up within 10-15 minutes maybe even sooner at times. Up until recently it was kind of a funny thing we would joke about, it would start with a dry cough/gag and than boom she’s up on the toilet throwing up. Weirdly enough she started having even more violent episodes of throwing up regardless of food intake or not.This does scare me because she has seen well over 10 specialists and doctors who have all had differentiating opinions on the potential problem. Some background information on this person is they definitely have a level of anxiety higher than most mixed with marijuana, heavy cigarette intake and chuck in some stimulant usage. I don’t know directly if any of these are factors towards the problem but doctors have had her stop using multiple drinks, foods, or medications at a time all with no results. I really do want to label it cyclic vomiting syndrome but it’s hard to because her episodes involve no nausea or stomach pain at all so there doesn’t seem to be a direct threat from the GI intestine.The hardest part for me is I don’t know directly where to start wether it’s in her intestines, respiratory system or just in her head. I really hate to say it I think she has some kind of rare 1% of people in the world type disease. 

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  • PR
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    1 month ago

    Could she have a hiatal hernia? Along with the intestinal issues and possible vomiting, this can put pressure on the heart which also may cause some level of anxiety. 

    Other than that, perhaps she needs some help with her anxiety, although I would likely also be anxious if I could not eat. If she sought help for the anxiety, maybe this would help in general, including the vomiting.

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