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How to let out bottled up anger?

I can't possibly throw stuff around so how can I let it all off my chest?

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    Here is a way I sounded off when I worked for a German in Houston, Texas. I sold German and Swiss microscopes and optical instruments to medical schools and cancer centers for 16 months. The Germans are a very enterprising people who demand strict obedience from employees that cause Americans to act differently to orders. My employer liked to brag of his intelligence when he was drafted into the US Army during World War ll. Then, intelligent Germans and Swiss personnel were favored by American employers, etc. I never adapted to German and Swiss mind-set that they were superior to most people. My employer would brag to the American common-man how the Germans would have won WWll if their money had not been devalued. I endured this dogma for 16 months. When I could take no more arrogance, I would go outside and shout for about 2 minutes at the top of my voice. What a relief! Find a quite place and shout as loud as possible for 2 minutes. This always worked for me and maybe will work for you.


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  • 4 weeks ago

    Go way out in the woods where no one can hear you and let loose on the world.

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