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How can I get medical supplies ordered and have Medicare pay for them?

I have to have wound care bandages and have home health care services. They order my supplies and monitor my wound minimal. We are wondering is there a way my medical wound care supplies can be ordered and Medicare still pay without this middle man? Can my PCP order these supplies? I cannot pay for them out of pocket so it is essential to find a way to ensure Medicare still covers the cost of these wound care supplies. The home health care nurse visits are every two weeks so at this point all she really does is order my supplies and do wellness check.

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    I assume you are enrolled in Social Security that makes you approved for Medicare. I retired 20 years ago, and at age 62, I took Social Security payments at 55% because I was not age 65. I have Medicare, but because I am a military veteran, I receive free medical care for life. I am looking inside the 2020 Medicare catalog, and the telephone number at Social Security to learn about how to qualify for Medicare. Here is the number:  1-800-0772-1213. The operator on the phone will transfer you to the Medicare department for information. Good Luck.


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