What is the difference between a narrative and a line of reasoning?

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    A narrative is a story and can be just about anything, a line of reasoning is an attempt to explain something with logic, usually for the purpose of persuasion.

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    We can start with reasoning. For example, when you discuss the origin of life with someone, it is usually wise to ask questions first. Find out what that person believes. The  first thing is, do not be quick to assume you know what others believe. Some people believe in evolution some in creation There are always reasons why someone believes what he believes. Reasoning includes comparisons Tactful question are great to make your reader or listener think tactfully shift the responsibility to him.

    here is an example. with a believer of evolution you could ask him to explain how life could have begun without a Creator in this way you tactfully shift the responsibility of proof back to him. (make him think) Then you can bring your proof by saying : "For the first life-form to continue, it had to be able to reproduce, to make copies of itself " Certain thing might be needed like a protective membrane , the ability to get and process energy, information in the genes, and the ability to make copies of that information . that goes even for the most simplest forms of life Interestingly the apostle Paul wrote “Every house is constructed by someone, but the one who constructed all things is God.” ( Look it up in Hebrews 3:4) Your goal should be to reason and persuade the person to believe what you teach, and not to win arguments .

    A  narrative requires telling a story about something, but here is the interesting thing A narrative can not be done without reasoning. it has a plot It is something you experienced or it tells a story about someone else the Bible for example is full of such narratives 

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    Narrative is telling a story to illustrate a point—often conflict to resolution.  Reasoning is using facts, figures, logic to prove a point.  


    Take masks.  If I try to tell my friend to wear a mask because x people died of Covid which is x more than the flu and get into droplet science it’s reasoning. 


    If I say, hey you remember Jody, her husband was in the  hospital and was intubated an is still touch and go—because he hasn’t been masking—that’s narrative.  


    In communication if you have someone ruled by the head you reason.  Heart—narrative. 

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    A narrative is a discourse of something whereas a line of reasoning is a logical or analytical explanation of the basis for a conclusion, attitude, opinion, etc.

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  • A Narative simply states the occuring of events.  I line of reasoning tries to make an argument from those events

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