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A TNR program has set up on my property without permission.  Two of them are a husband and wife team and they are quite threatening?

I've ordered them to stop trespassing (it is a warehouse property).  I have removed their traps, cat boxes, the food and water they leave, etc.  I have tried calling the police, but they don't have time.  I have told the husband that they can have their traps back when and only whenhe gives me his driver's license so I can serve them a proper no trespass order via certified mail. 

I have instructed my staff to promptly remove anything they put out.  They throw away everything except the traps, which we're going to store for 30 days then recycle.

Despite all this, they keep doing it.  Why are do so many young americans not respect private property and feel entitled to do things like this?

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    Put up electrical wire around the property and jack up the voltage.

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    I am a TNR volunteer in my country (Greece). We have many strays dying of hunger, car accidents, diseases etc, but volunteers are increasing and thank God, there is less misery around, for both humans and cats. People sometimes complain even if we try to set up a trap on the pavement outside their home. A pavement is public space but they still complain and trapping a cat requires peace and quiet plus our undivided attention. Honestly, I would be grateful if someone came and offered to TNR cats on my property! I understand the safety issue, these are people you do not know, but why not check if they are part of an animal rescue association? Even though I am an independent volunteer I registered with the municipal animal rescue service, just to have some kind of ID to show people who are concerned. Is it possible that you could have a fence to prevent cats from entering your property? Then the volunteers would have no reason to come in. It is very frustrating for us, too, when cats hide in people's gardens and we have to look for them! Please try to see it from their point of view, they are just trying to help. Maybe if you co-operate, they could finish their job sooner and you would have a garden without too much cat-poop. 

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    It's certainly not limited to "young" Americans, there are plenty of retirees that engage in behavior like this. I'd make sure no trespassing signs are posted prominently, and continue to remove anything left on your property and call the police when you see them. You'd think they'd get tired of buying more supplies? Eventually you'll likely catch the police on a slow day and they'll respond.  If they have explicitly threatened you, make sure you are telling the police that and document it - they will take that much more seriously than just a trespassing complaint. Also, do you or any of your employees have a large, imposing-looking dog that they want to bring to work with them every day? Might help discourage both the cats and the people. 

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