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My boyfriend has asked that I apologise to his female housemate after she drunkenly told me that they were going away overnight together?

I feel conflicted as to whether I should apologise, but know that I need to if I want to salvage our relationship. I called her 'loose' and asked why she would be asking my boyfriend to a concert overnight (in another city) & not her own boyfriend. I asked how her Mum would feel if her father went away with another woman for the night... She remained silent. 

I've been severely upset by this. 

He said to me yesterday (almost two weeks after the incident) that he would never have arranged to go away with her on his own, and I truly believe him, but I can't for the life of me understand why he would give her false pretences of going to another city to stay over and go and see a band, alone, together.

My boyfriends female housemate (30yrs old) has now expressed that she doesn't want me to go to their house again (five of them live together in total, 4 guys, 1 girl ), however, my boyfriend obviously wants me to go over and stay... He's asked that I apologise to her, and said that she didn't mean to upset me, however, this is a woman who ignored my concerns and didn't validate / give recognition as to why I was upset in the first place. 

I don't know what to do. I love my boyfriend with all my heart (M36/F30) and I'm trying to see the bigger picture and our future together as more important, but I feel conflicted.

It's my boyfriends birthday this weekend and he's having a BBQ at the house with lots of friends, however, he's said that I can't go unless I apologise. 

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    Maybe it's time to start living with essence instead of allowing your ego to control your life?  If you did, you wouldn't be making such a production out of this situation.... It's a thought.

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    what a load of bull u re fed. first of all - she is a single female, not your sister or even a friend, she may ask whatever man she wants to go wherever and do whatever. even sleep with her - she does not need to be loyal to u and she may do whatever she wants. so instead of calling her names in her own house u should have addressed the main reason of your concern - a loser bf who , at the age of 36 still can not afford his own place. she could have asked him to go to concert, he could have said he couldn't that would have been the end of the story. instead he gave her the idea he was actually going to and i bet he would have actually, but then u somehow found out. so yes, u should apologise for your erratic behabiour. that was uncalled for to call her loose - she is not loose, your bf is a loser and a trator and a cheater.

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    Why dose he require your apology? Can he give you a satisfactory reason why she is above you in his life? 

    How about you pray to GOD and ask GOD for help here? 

  • Kieth
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    1 month ago

    What concert? Aren't they all cancelled due to the virus?

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    Respect and obey your bf.

    Stay humble and apologize and do what he says if you want to be in a happy relationship.

    Your standard will not drop down if you lower your gaze and do what he says!

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