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Why can’t dad stand up for himself to his girlfriend? ?

My dad told me that he suspects that his girlfriends son has been stealing from him. He usually leaves his overnight bag at her house and he’s been telling me that things have been going missing. 

He thinks her son may have stolen money, his headphones. 

And I told him to say something to his girlfriend, his girlfriend has suspected something was wrong because he was pissed when he first noticed but he is so scared to say something to her about it because he’s so weak in the knees and so blindly in love with his girlfriend that he wants to live in denial and refuse to admit the problem because he’s such a sucker for his girlfriend. 

He got upset this morning because I told him he has no backbone and cannot stand up for himself because people have been taking advantage of him for years. And I told him that’s on him. I told him if he enjoys being made an a$$ out of then be my guest. Why can’t he stand up for himself? 

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    🥴 Your dad is not used to confrontation and is a wuss, period. However, it's smart in the sense he doesn't want to make waves and mess up a good thing in case it goes south. 

    The problem is your dad should be leaving his overnight bag in the trunk of his car. Not his gf's house.

    Common sense would tell you, ppl in general who weren't properly raised, have sticky fingers.

    Tell dad "TAKE BAG. LEAVE IN TRUNK."

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    why does your idiot father leaves money in his overnight bag? that is kinda stupid

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    Because he's pussywhipped.

  • 1 month ago

    Because of people like you would rather condemn than help him.

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