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What becomes of a family member's ex-spouse or does that vary ?

My uncle is now divorced. Despite mistakes he made (which he was humble about and owned up to) we are directed by his sisters and our grandmother to hate his ex-wife though they don't use the word hate. My Dad was even angry when he thought I had gone to her house to see my cousins (though I had not). 


My older cousin was getting married and the uncle told him to feel free to have his ex and not to think he, the nephew, has to have anything against her because of their issues. Yet, uncle's sisters give the directive to have nothing to do with her. 


So I don't like conflict and just follow my parents orders and have no contact with her. She is similar to my parents at using her kids to get others back and has blocked me on social media and now her daughter has. So she is just as immature as my parents (actually very similar in good and bad ways as a parent, you would think they were the ones related). 


So what becomes of a family members ex-spouse? Does the hate usually last forever or after 5 years or so does it wear off and people no longer resent each other and can be civil even if not friends? Do most families hate the exes or do many stay friends?

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    Everybody is different.  You would do best to Pray to GOD on this. And if more than one people you wonder of, pray for each of them.

    The Bible states that IF we die hating even one other person; then we will go to Hell! Because Heaven is a place that is all LOVE! So do not hate anyone! 

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    Family units usually side with the relative over their ex. It doesnt necessarily mean hating them, but it would be strange to keep up any sort of contact after the breakup

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    In many families the friendship continues especially when there are children involved.   

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