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How can someone get back at an abusive and cheating partner who made them so miserable that they attempted suicide and ended up in the ICU?

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    Well, first you must admit to and accept the part you played in them being in your life.  That is the first thing, if you want to heal.  You played a big part in being with them and in how you allowed them to act toward you, did you not?  Next, you better make sure you are happy with people holding you just as accountable and just as responsible for anything you did or do, which caused or causes pain or suffering to another, as you want to be allowed to do to someone else.  

    I always struggle with the fact that so many of the people who will say that they are not responsible for how others feel or what others do, are so often the very same people who will then try to make others responsible for their own feelings and actions.  Just another one of the things that makes me go, hmmmmmm.

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    It might sound a tad insensitive but we all have a choice, and sometimes the choices we make leaves one in danger. You made very bad choices and wanting revenge could ultimately lead you again down a path that will possibly also have repercussions for your mental health should you desired goal not be achieved or takes to long to have any effect. I personally would feel rejoiced at the fact s/he was no longer apart of my life and that I'd survived something that would only have given credit to my abuser. I know that we all invariably want karma and also to be present at the time. However, being the orchestrator of that fact could very well also lead you down a very long road to your own self-destruction in future relationships. Maybe some time spent with a Therapist might enlighten you as a possible route to regaining your self-respect and wellbeing as you richly deserve to feel happiness and peace in your future relations. I wish you the very best whatever you decide. 

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    1. Heal yourself. That sort of action - attempting suicide - comes from an accumulation of events and actions. Take time to deal with and heal from all those past hurts. 

    2. Become a person that they regret losing. Realise you ARE worth more than being in a relationship with a liar, abuser and a cheat. Hold yourself to higher standards. Know you will never again accept such into your life. 

    3. Move on with your life without them. Let the past be the past, and not part of your future. 

    4. Find fulfillment in your life by finding those things that make you happy and, if its on the cards, a happy and healthy relationship with someone new.

    They are NOT worth the grief. Take away their power to hurt you by NOT concentrating on them (even to get revenge) and move on. Being happier without them IS the best revenge. It says "I realise you are just not worth it". That makes YOU the one in control of how you feel, and that's where the real power lies. 

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    Yeah, revenge type thoughts, even actions really only hurt you.

    The fact that you tried to commit suicide, ended up in ICU and are still thinking this way means you are still suffering. aren't suffering, didn't try to commit suicide, didn't enter into and stay in a relationship like this because of your partner.

    I'm afraid that's on you.  You obviously don't feel good about yourself or you wouldn't have entered into such a relationship and certainly wouldn't have tried to kill yourself because of the s****y actions of someone else.

    You my dear need a healthy dose of self love (sadly, like most of humanity). Look up "freedom from thoughts" and take the first step towards a healthy relationship with yourself.  Otherwise you are doomed to repeat this pattern and you deserve so much better.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Divorce. Then he will Not have any say or control over yourself.

    Be careful, mine came back and kidnapped both of my sons!  I never got them back! Even though my judge ordered it. 

    Pray to GOD for help! 

  • Gert
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    3 weeks ago

    You could have left this partner.  Cut your losses and get on with your life.

  • Helen
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    3 weeks ago

    The best revenge is moving on and being happy.

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    By stop being an attention seeking emo.

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