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Is this assault?

Ok, first off in my honest opinion I've never judged anyone in general over their skin colour, it was how I was raised. But I have over their mannerisms, attitude and behaviour before. But today I was walking down the road minding my own business at lunch time going to my usually spot and toatest sandwich... I was approached by this black dude. And he said I should get on my knees and apologies for this white privilege I have. So I said na lad, I wouldn't care if you were Jesus I don't bow to no man. So he put his hands on my shoulders and try to shove me down to the ground, I walked back... And then he reaproched and started getting in my face calling started a racist and I should be hanged over being a white supremacist. So he spat right in my mouth and retaluated by pushing him out of my space. And then all of a sudden I was surrounded by people screaming hate crime. This guy assaulted him. So I ran because I feared for my life as a mob surrounded me and tried to corner me. Should I go to the police or will I be made out to be a racist or am I racist because I don't feel like I should bow down to any person. Plus I'm Irish and only moved to America a year ago for a job, not sure why I should apologise anyways.

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    Yes, what you're describing is assault. Almost as bad is the assault YOU committed on the English language during that story. Did you leave school before you graduated?

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    you did the right thing bow down to no man hella props to you my man and him assaulting you and spitting in your mouth.. good god you should have beat the **** out of him .. you dont owe him **** you aint no slave owner **** him damn fool and the mob should be ashamed of themselves.

    You were in the right, he spat in your mouth during coronavirus epidemic.. dude get yourself checked either way you did the right thing but next time use your fists

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