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How can I keep the peace between older cat new kitten in a tiny apartment?

My GF and I recently adopted a 3mo kitten. We live in a 1br apartment with my 11yo cat and her 13yo cat. 

My GF pushed hard for kitten in the first place; I was initially against it but now he's my baby and I'm in love with him.

For the most part, kitten & my cat just avoid each other. However, kitten is very interested in GF's cat; trying to play, pounce on him, and snuggle with him when he's trying to bathe. I don't think he'd mind the playing, except that he has arthrtitis and is missing some teeth, so he can't really match kitten's energy. I can tell sometimes he just wants to be left alone.

Tonight, kitten pounced on GF's cat and left old cat limping for a while afterwards. We also found poop in the bedroom; GF thinks her cat pooped there because he's stressed. My GF burst into tears and said she's afraid the kitten might seriously hurt her cat while we're both at work. I suggested locking kitten in the bedroom during the day, but she felt that wouldn't be fair to the kitten, as the last time we locked him in a room he cried for hours. She's having second thoughts about the kitten. I think it is too late for second thoughts, he is part of our family and we need to make it work.

Our apartment is too small for each cat to really have their own space. Wherever GF's cat goes, kitten tries to follow. How can we give GF's cat the space he needs? Does kitten need more stimulation? What should we do when we're both at work and unable to supervise? I'd appreciate any advice.

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    The kitten needs more play from both of you to wear it out, but even then, you being away and the temptation of 2 other kitties in the house may be too much for your kitten to cope with. You can try getting some interactive toys during the day to keep the kitten occupied and away from the older cats. Some are quite advanced and have timers, treat places, and have voice recordings to lure the kitties in. This might be a good investment for you.

    Do you have cat trees, or other shelves/high up places for your older cats to rest? Kitty shelves are easy to install and remove and can be a lifesaver in smaller places, like apartments. I understand that one has old bones, but sometimes, giving them a higher vantage point to rest and observe and stay out of the way can do wonders. If you can find a way to separate the old one and the kitten during the day, this would be best, but in a "cat way," something the older one can claim as their own. 

    If the 13 year old cat is pissed off, she would let the kitten know. I think she wants to play, but can't. 

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    Get one of those play stations for your kitten. They have several moving toys for lots of stimilation. AND older cat will smack the kitten when he gets tired of the attention.

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    If you're so poor you have to live in a tiny apartment how the **** can you afford to care for THREE cats????  I also think you're lying about adopting this kitten be ause a shelter never would have adopted to you.  So give it back to whoever you gave it to.

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