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Are my friends the right ones to be with?

It's been almost 4 years since I've been hanging out with certain people. Every time I tell how stories to my sister about how my days were with them, she often tells me that they're not the right ones for me to be friends with.

It's just that one factor is that I usually tend to notice a hint of happiness on my friends' face every time that they exceed me, especially in terms with school grades and money. Like, when they have higher positions or more money, they usually show me their joy but immediately say "Oh."

Another factor is that there was this time when they kept on insisting me to treat them at this certain fast food restaurant, saying that they don't have enough money with then, so obviously I'm their friend so I did as I was told. Then, by the time we were going home, I saw a glimpse of these heaps of money hidden in their wallets when they took out some coins for the public transportation vehicle. I just ignored it, since I thought they had enough good reasons that they lied.

Those are some of my sister's reasons, she says. But I don't actually understand what wrong with those. My cousin then told me to ask random people I don't know, maybe I'll understand d, she says because I might receive the wrong idea in what she'll say. So here I am.

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    Expecting you to pay their way in a restaurant when they obviously have money is a red flag, along with not being happy for you when you succeed.  It sounds like they’re users who think they’re a little bit better than you.  That’s probably what your sister means when she says they’re not the right people to have as friends.

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