Why are some people mentally crazy/weird?

I went to a college where people had strange behavior and behaved like loonies. 

Like I remember a time where people

Used to be normal. Now you can’t even say the word normal. When its a normal thing to say.

I remember in princes trust where one of the teachers got angry at me because she said what is normal to me. 😂😂

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    Because you came from somewhere where you never even touched the 2 streets you drove down and never saw the other 600 streets. You only interacted with the same 15 people your whole life. Of course when you meet someone else and go somewhere new, they will be visigoths, I mean, "crazy."

    You were sheltered, it's OK. Just post to Facebook about being "woke" now and all will be good. However, my question will be, why did you go to sleep in the first place?

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