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Why am I so stressed out about spit getting on my skin?

I'm overthinking and I know it, but my brain keeps telling me saliva that gets on my skin will dry it up and hurt it, so I've been stressing tf out trying to clean off everything, and then stress that I might've missed a spot. Someone please help calm me down with reassurance please, lol.


And it's actually gotten to the point where I'm mad at my uncle for unintentionally spitting on my forehead while he was pranking me.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Well, first you need to know that the skin is a very good barrier. Germs rarely penetrate the skin. That's why the current recommendations to protect against COVID are to wash your hands, and don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth until you do. Those facial features contain mucus membranes, which are much easier for bacteria and viruses to penetrate. That's why people catch colds, etc. from shaking hands- then they touch their eyes, nose or mouth, and the germs get transferred. If you've become compulsive about your skin, and it's interfering with your life, you need some counseling. However, I'd be mad at an uncle for spitting on me for lots of reasons. 

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