Is UBER in Financial Trouble?

If they are not, explain this:  I ordered an UBER ride.  They said the driver would arrive in 22 minutes.  Well, okay.  About halfway through the wait time, I received a message, stating the driver "had to cancel" but they would find me another driver.  I waited a few minutes, but still no ride, so I canceled.  They charged me a $4.95 cancellation fee.  Is this how a solvent honest business conducts its operations?  Does UBER have a telephone number I can call to complain about this?

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    You can complain about but nothing will happen - been there, done that.

    It's not a new fee... it's always been like this in certain locations.

    I've had this happen more than once at busy airports.  Thus, I choose another ride share app in those situations now or pay the little extra for a taxi. 

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