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why didn't the US gov. step in to help small farmers during the Great Depression , so they didn't have to sell their farms ?

just because they couldn't pay their property taxes due to the Dust Bowl,,,that should have been a reason not to pay a year or so until they could get back on their feet again?

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    Why do you think FDR proposed his New Deal programs, increased tax rates on the upper class and won 2 elections as a result of their successes (He obviously won the first election before his programs went into effect and the fact that we were in the middle of WWII probably helped get him a 4th win, followed up by Truman, his successor, winning his own election and then Eisenhower, who believed strongly in those programs, winning 2 elections of his own)?  Programs didn't exist to protect the lower and middle classes from losing everything.

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    Because they was LIBTARDS in charge then!

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