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Why are certain jobs full of corrupt people, mechanics, electronics and plumbers?

I had a plumber go out to my parents home, to quote running a ~20 ft hot water pipe. It runs under the house from a T below the water heater to another T under the bathroom.  Straight shot.  Dude from roto rooter quoted me $3200, so I laughed and told him to duck off.  Went over on Saturday and replaced the pipe myself(took an hour). Didn't cost $3200, not anything remotely close.


Electricians*, gotta love auto correct. The schools that used to teach ebonics clearly had a hand in Gboard.  

Update 2:

It's actually 2 pipes and a shark bite fitting in the middle.

Update 3:

Beauty of it being the south it doesn't get too cold, but yeah it's insulated. The black foamy ****

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    Its about extracting money from fools is capitalism , you are not a fool , most men 50 years ago could do DIY  now they can work a PC or phone that dont knock nails in it tells you how and thats the fool 

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    probably the rotorooter guy didn't fully understand the task .. depends on whether the house has a crawl space underneath, sits on a slab, or has basement.  also depends on whether one is replacing existing pipe or running completely new.  PS:  if has crawl space as I suspect, you may NEED to insulate the pipe -- which means you crawl back under. Point:  insulation serves dual purpose -- keeps hot water hot 20 feet away and prevents freezing in severe winter.

  • Anonymous
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    Corruption???  Those guys return something for your money.  Corruption is your money taken away completely.  And I will pay GLADLY for $100 an hour to replace a toilet flange.

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    How did you put the pipe in between 2 fixed tees?

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