Stranger Danger Things?

In the upside down, who builds those building anyways? Do they magically appear out of nowhere when the normal world builds there's. They are supposed to be identical to the normal world, right? Except the normal world has people living there and the upside down has the Mind Slayer(Flayer) and the Demogorgon. And what about when buildings gets knocked over? Do they magically reform themselves after a curtain amount of time has past because the normal world's Castle Byers probably didn't get knocked over when the upside down's Castle Byers got knocked over. And what about all the cars and everything? Do they just be driving around on their own with no one driving them to get to their location that you see in the show? So how does the upside down look identical to the normal world if no one is rearranging and moving things around?

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    I think it's supposed to be a reflection of the real world, so yeah, when a building is built in the real world, it's build in the upside down as well.  It is in fact, the same building. 

    I think about it like a different phase of matter.  Like an alternate dimension vibrating at a different frequency.  You're probably right that this might not be portrayed consistently.  Probably worth reading the Stanger Things wikia If you're really interested.  But that's how I was thinking of it as I watched.

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