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What are some housing programs similar to section 8?

Section 8 is closed.

I have 2 jobs and child support..  Its still not enough to cover living expenses for the average apartment in my area.I need my own place for me and my 2 kids.A roommate is NOT an option.The "public housing" in my county is not anywhere near my jobs..  And they are in BAD areas.

I am trying to live within reasonable means..  I do need a 3 bedroom place tho because I have 2 kids..  Boy amd girl, 5 yrs apart and one is a preteen..  So yes they do need their own room.


Apartments have limits also on how many people they allow per unit.

They will NOT rent one bedroom or efficiencies to families

Update 2:

An area full of DRUGS AND CRIME isnt an option.   NO ONE should have to "settle" for a crap area just because thats all they can afford.   Me and my kids will live in the CAR in winter before I live in the shithole area!

Update 3:

I work TWO JOBS, which means...  I PAY TAXES TOO.

Kids dad barely pays support.. He isnt going to help

Update 4:

My jobs arent "worthless"..  The issue is too many damn boomers who bought out houses then jacked rent up when they anticipated fracking buisiness in the community.

Update 5:

Putting kids up for adoption isnt the solution..  They're too old to be adopted..  People want babies and young toddlers..  So theyd end up in foster homes..  And be supported by tax payers anyways..   So that suggestion doesnt solve a goddammned thing..  Now does it?

I only need help for a few years while I also go to school to get something better.

Update 6:

But **** all on anyone who needs a hand up. Guess I will continue to stay in this ABUSIVE home and not get the schooling and stay on food stamps and medical then since GOD FORBID I get a little assistance with affordable, decent housing

Update 7:

I havent been able to have any more kids for at least 6 years..  So snide comments about continued reprodiction are not productive..  You're just being an ***

Update 8:

One of my jobs is actually in healthcare..  But go ahead and assume its retail and fast food.. Asswipe  

Update 9:

FYI, I had a well paying job before having kids..  An injury changed that situation, however...   But keep ******* judging on a situation you cant possibly understand

Update 10:

Maybe you should have died since you are a judgemental piece of ****.

Update 11:

Shove off then.   You're a judgemental **** anyways.   Be sure to get yourself neutered so you never have kids

Update 12:

Your house will burn to the ground and you will have nothing.   Karma fixes uppity people like you.

Update 13:

Ill be able to buy my own home after Ive gone to school to get a better job too tho.  I just need a hand up to get out of my current situation.

If I cant get help, then Im stuck in an abusive situation

Update 14:

The legal maximum occupancy for my state is 2 per bedroom.  The ONLY way there are 4-6 per bedroom is if someone BUYS a home and has moved a bunch of people in.  NO landlord can rent out an apartment and place that many people in a one bedroom.

The SMALLEST I could legally rent would be a 2 bedroom.

Update 15:

Again..  A family of 3 can NOT RENT A ONE BEDROOM.  The maximum legal occupancy for rentals is 2 per bedroom..  So, STOP SUGGESTING A ONE BEDROOM.   Absolutly NO landlord will rent that because it's NOT LEGAL.

A 2 bedroom would be the BARE minimal.   The kids would each get a room then and Id sleep in the car if thats the case.

Update 16:

And yes the public housing would be a 3 bedroom.  The standard is that the adult/couple gets a room and kids of opposite sex each get a room

Update 17:

I cant sleep on a couch or I wont get any sleep.   I need an enclosed area to sleep.. Hense why I need my own room.  The living room is too open

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    "A 2 bedroom would be the BARE minimal. The kids would each get a room then and Id sleep in the car if thats the case."

    This ranty statement pretty much says it all, doesn't it? You're determined to make this out to be as bad as possible. A parent who'd leave the kids alone in an apartment to sleep in the car (rather than on the couch in the apartment) is nutty.

    Okay Sweetie, you win. You have the hardest life imaginable in the world. Is that what you're going for? 

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    I don't know of any program that would give a 3 bedroom for you and two kids.

    Even if the kids can't share a room with each other, you can share a room with whichever kid is the same gender as you.  So a two bedroom is enough.  Also, not everyone needs a bedroom.  It's not a great option, but someone can sleep in the living room.  So really a one bedroom is enough (if you share the bedroom with the kid of your gender, and the other kid sleeps in the living room).

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    AGAIN NO WHERE IN THE US IS MAX OCCUPANCY for a 1 bedroom ---2 people....MINIMUM max occupancy I have seen is 3 people..but most are at least 4-6.  what is NOT LEGAL is to deny a family with 2 minor children a 1 bedroom unit...violates US federal law.

    car, not the couch?  i see child protective services in your future with your nonsense, I sense you are the problem in your current living arrangement.  you need therapy for your sleep issues, you can section off a corner of the living room with a movable screen, some apartments have dining rooms that you can put a bed it and a make shift door.

    the point is that you DON'T NEED a handout....if you can do for yourself in a 1 bedroom/studio, that is what you need to do.

    YOU ARE THE ONE THAT DOESN'T UNDERSTAND YOU ARE NOT A PRINCESS AND NOT ENTITLED TO STEAL FROM TAXPAYERs...many of the people paying rent for others on section 8 are making do with less...they are living 4-6 per bedroom, while you are demanding 3 bedrooms at their expense.

    BULLSH!T that no one will rent a studio or 1 bedroom, that violates federal law, fair housing long as you don't go over local occupancy laws, you can be in a studio or 1 bedroom..many areas let a minimum of 4-6 in a 1 bedroom, studio would be based on size, but typically could accommodate 4-6 is familial status discrimination to deny a 1 bedroom/studio.

    even if you had been married or at least in a stable relationship when you got prego, and/or then had some hardship beyond your control--YOU are making things harder than they have to be.....get what you can afford..even if it is a studio or 1 bedroom...many people can't even do afford that because of circumstances beyond their actual severe disability.

    why isn't a roommate not an option?  are you uncivilized?  not like you need privacy to procreate more.  find another single parent with 2 kids and a 3 bedroom....adults in 1 bedroom your kids in 1 and the other set of siblings in another...or you can do boys in 1 room/girls in another.

    in fact, you can manage in a 2 bedroom (preferably 1.5-2 bathroom) with 6 people, each family gets 1 bedroom...

    NO YOUR KIDS DO NOT NEED SEPARATE BEDROOMS unless they are uncivilized...if you want parent shares with same gender child, other child gets the single room.

    if you can afford a 1 bedroom on your can do that...3 can share the bedroom..or parent can sleep on the couch.

    if you want to live like royalty, marry a prince/princess....or learn to do for yourself.

    I had a family on my block grandma/dad/ a 1 bedroom.  We had 2 families of 6 in a 1 bedroom apartment....

  • There are probably others, but the only other housing program I heard of besides Section 8 is Hud or Hudd I don't know how to spell it; I don't know if that's just one D or two Ds. 

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