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How to get on section 8 when its closed?

I really need to get my own place and get out of the living situation I am in.

Im a single mom and cant afford the typical rent on just my income tho..  Even with child support, and working 2 jobs, its still not enough to cover living expenses.

I really need a housing voucher so I can move out of this situation, but the section 8 list is closed.

The public housing listed on the site are located in even worse areas and arent anywhere near my jobs either, so those are not an option


A roommate isnt an option.

And praying doesn't work.  There is no "god".   If there was a god, I would NOT be in this position in the first place 

Update 2:

A roommate isnt an option.

And praying doesn't work.  There is no "god".   If there was a god, I would NOT be in this position in the first place 

Update 3:

How is one gonna share expenses with another single mom?   There's no such thing as a 5 or 6 bedroom place up for rent!!!

Update 4:

And no one knows when the list will be open again..  It can sometimes take YEARS before it opens!!!

Update 5:

I am looking within my means..  For MYSELF and my kids, I need a 3 bedroom place.   To live with ANOTHER SINGLE MOM, it would need to be a 5-6 bedroom placem.  Learn to READ

Update 6:

You CANT put a family in a studio.   I have a boy and girl who are 5 yrs apart.. One is a preteen.  They need their own room.   Would be different if they were the same gender or they were both toddlers.

Update 7:

Studios and even 1 bedroom places in my area wont rent to families!!!!   Stop being ignorant!

Update 8:

Rentals here only allow 2 people per bedroom MAX.  Childrens services would have a big issue with boys and girls sharing a room tho too.  Bare minimum I could do is a 2 bedroom, which gives the kids the 2 bedrooms and I sleep in the car

Update 9:

Telling me to get an efficiency or to room with a junkie is NOT AN ANSWER.   Its point-gaming

Update 10:

"Make it work with the dad" is NOT an option.  Hes abusive.  He wasnt like that initially but the past few years he has taken up drugs and become abusive.

But apparantly Im supposed to stay there instead of getting a little help for a few years

Update 11:

Reporting every one because no one actually answered the question..  Just wanted to leave an opinion or criticism

Update 12:

Local occupancy laws for my state is a max of 2 per bedroom..  So, the SMALLEST apartment I could legally get would be a two bedroom.

Yes a landlord CAN deny a one bedroom or efficiency to a family because it wouldnt meet the occupancy limit

Update 13:

I already live in an area that is considered low cost of living.

There are NO jobs near the public housing.

I *could* get a better job once I get some schooling, but I need to get OUT of my current housing situation first before that is a possability

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    Even after getting onto the Section 8 list, it takes many years to get Section 8 housing.  Your kids could be grown by then.  You need another plan.  Seriously


    a) Move to another part of the country where typical rent is cheaper, or 

    b) Find a job nearer the public housing or that pays more than your current jobs

  • R P
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    3 weeks ago

    IMO, you'll need move to where Section 8 is open, then get on the waiting list.

    Oh, and you might try NOT attacking the people who have already answered your question.  It is not their problem that you don't like their answers.

  • 3 weeks ago

    BULLSH!T that no one will rent a studio or 1 bedroom, that violates federal law, fair housing long as you don't go over local occupancy laws, you can be in a studio or 1 bedroom..many areas let a minimum of 4-6 in a 1 bedroom, studio would be based on size, but typically could accommodate 4-6 people.

    it is familial status discrimination to deny a 1 bedroom.

    even if you had been married or at least in a stable relationship when you got prego, and then had some hardship beyond your control--YOU are making things harder than they have to be.....get what you can afford..even if it is a studio or 1 bedroom...many people can't even do afford that because of circumstances beyond their actual severe disability.

    YOU REALLY NEED TO TAKE YOUR TIARA OFF AND STOP WHINING, yes a family of 3+ can legally live in a studio apartment.

    learn to potty train and take your pampers off...

    yes there are 5-6 bedroom houses for rent...but houses are more expensive than apartments (utilities).

    and even with a roommate, you don't need 5-6 bedrooms, you can do as little as 2 bedrooms with  people, boys in 1 room (from both families) girls in the other, or 1 family per bedroom.....parents can sleep on couches...

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Obviously when they are accepting applications again you can apply . In the mean you can share a rental with other single mothers.

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