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what is typical seasoning for pork chops?


how do i season pork chops

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    For us it has always been just salt and pepper. Sometimes we will do a fryup of mushrooms and onions as a side, but generally we don't add anything else to porkchops.

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    3 weeks ago

    TYPICAL having the distinctive QUALITIES of a particular type of person or thing SEASONING : Salt herbs ,or spices added to food to enhance its flavor

    A google search listed Caraway, Allspice, Cumin ,Ginger,Celery seed,Garlic,Rosemary.

      Thank you for the question

  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    Try cooking them in Cider!

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    3 weeks ago

    Greek seasoning is good

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  • 3 weeks ago

    Salt, pepper, sage, marjoram or thyme work well--so do garlic and onion. 

  • A
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    3 weeks ago

    salt, pepper, garlic powder, sage

  • Anton
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    3 weeks ago

    There is no "typical" seasoning for pork chops -- the seasoning depends on the recipe.

    One that I make:

    Plain chop, grilled on the Barbie, a bit of BBQ sauce.

    French Onion Pork Chop, a bit of dijon mustard, sauteed

    Peppers with Pork, a bit of salt & pepper, sauteed

    Pork Chops w/ garlic-mushroom sauce, dijon mustard, sauteed

    Pork Chops with Rice, bare sauteed, the rice gets pepper, powdered garlic, Penzeys Bavarian, Worcestershire sauce

    Jaegerschnitzel with Spaetzle -- I don't do often 'way too busy to make.

    Place pork chops hammer to 3/8" thick, then dip in:Flour, salt, pepper, paprika and garlic in one bowl.Beat the eggs in a second bowl.Bread crumbs in third bowl.

    sauteed.  Top with the sauce:

    Slice mushroom, saute in butter, sauteed onion, cream, thyme.

    Spaetzle -- flour, salt, pepper, butter, milk and egg.  A lady suggested sauteing after cooking.

  • denise
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    3 weeks ago

    Any flavours that you like / think would work.

    If I'm cooking them in the oven, I like to spread a little mustard [American or Dijon] over the chop and sprinkle sage + onion stuffing mix over to stick to the mustard before I bake them.

    I have fried them [slowly] in a skillet after coating them in seasoned flour for a crispy chop,  I have some apple sauce [with a little fresh mint added] with the pan fried ones. 

  • kswck2
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    3 weeks ago

    Lately i have been using salt, pepper and some dried Sage. 

  • 3 weeks ago

    garlic ...............

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