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how to defeat a Jedi?

what can't they use the force for? how do you defeat a Jedi? any weaknesses would be appreciated, as well as ANYTHING that they cannot use the force for. (cannot use the force to defeat the Jedi)

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    Well, the hardest part is that Jedi seem to have a sixth sense.  They sense when you're trying to attack them, and it's not just telepathy because it works against droids.  So you can't really get the drop on them.  

    What I'd do is construct small lightsaber-seeking missiles with multiple independent warheads that explode either on radical loss of momentum as detected by an accelerometer, OR when one of the OTHER warhead staged is destroyed.  So each warhead would complete a circuit and if the circuit is severed (by a lightsaber for example), the other warhead explode, showering the target with shrapnel.

    This would be a Jedi-killer missile.  The Jedi cannot block with a lightsaber because the saber would only be able to destroy one stage of the warhead at a time, and the others would shower him with shrapnel in a patter that a single saber cannot block. As long as their lightsaber is on, the missile will home in on them.  Once I have a few in the air, I pull out a regular blaster and keep firing on them to keep the pressure up, forcing them to keep the lightsaber on and in their hand.

    They might use the force to stop the missile, but then the warhead explode, showing them with shrapnel if they're close.

    Result: Dead Jedi.

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    To defeat a Jedi, kick him in the happy sack.  No force can spare you from that kind of pain.

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    Shoot them with multiple guns or stab them (they really hate the second one)!

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