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why did they give this movie bad rating what went wrong in batman v superman? ?

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    Because it was dreadful from start to finish.

    First of all, it was coming off of a bad depiction of Superman in Man of Steel that nobody liked.  Then you added a new Batman that actually people generally liked more than they expected to.  People had been mocking 'Batfleck' from the moment it was announced.

    So there was no continuity or build up to this movie.  No one was emotionally invested in either portrayal.  To do a team-up (or versus in this case) with no build up like that would be like if they did Avengers without having done Iron Man or Thor or Cap first.  

    The plot was weak.  The character portrayals were off-point, portraying both Superman and Batman as one step short of psychopaths.  The idea that Batman could hold his own in a fight against Superman...even with the armor...made no sense because the kind of super-technology that is commonplace in comics was really not established in the cinematic world.  So it felt ungrounded.  

    And possibly the most infamous kicker was the weak ending wherein the two bond over having a mother with the same name.  Which in the annals of stupid endings may well be in the top ten.

  • A.J.
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    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) rated 6.4 at IMDB, a site of movie watchers, educated above average.Cast was OK, but no Christopher Reeve nor Christian Bale

    Ben Affleck ... Bruce Wayne / Batman  and Henry Cavill ... Clark Kent / Superman and Amy Adams ... Lois and Jesse Eisenberg ... Lex Luthor

    Plot was a bit weak and run time of 2.5 hours too long and somewhat overhyped in advertising had people disappointed about an OK film. The theme of the film is dour and gloomy rather than bright and sharp. The Batman v Superman conflict was not years in character development of dislike, and instead was a made up story. Superman had almost no lines in the film. The villain, Lex Luthor, had no development, kind of a poor man's Joker.

    It had serious flaws keeping it from being a great film. 

    Captain America: Civil War released around the same time, did things right.

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