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Does Shane Dawson really deserve all the backlash he's been getting? Or are people just way too sensitive?

I know this is about a week late, but I'm still very confused as to why he's been receiving so much backlash. I actually don't see anything wrong with what he did. Soooo many Youtubers were doing blackface a decade ago and have sinced apologized for it and no longer do it. So what's the issue? There's nothing wrong with making a mistake when you were young. Everyone does. The fact that he no longer makes that kind of content and also apologized means he grew and matured over time and knows what is wrong now. 

Also, about the Willow Smith joke... That was a long time ago as well. Why is it just now coming out and facing backlash? Yes the joke was distasteful but once again, he was young and also I've heard people joke about way worse. People make p**ophile jokes all the time but because they aren't famous they don't face such backlash. 

Pretty soon nobody is going to be funny anymore and all the jokes are going to politically correct and bland.

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    1) People who choose a path of fame, and it is a CHOICE to accept it, open themselves up to public examination. When a person "rises high" and makes a lot of money off that fame, he or she is opened to more scrutiny and a bigger crash, should it happen.

    Many people remain in obscurity and the same past means far less.

    2) "Long ago" is a relative term. Shane Dawson (Shane Lee Yaw) is only 31 years old now. Of course, more recent counts more, and adult life as over 18 and 21 would be more important. Attacking someone from actions of 30 years ago or attacking a group from 50 or more years ago is certainly very disputable. I did not research the specifics of Shane, but young people judge years as much longer than older and media.

    3) Severity of the action in the time frame it was committed. This is very important. Racist actions of the last 20 years are not readily excusable from anyone. They should know better. If discussing the 1970's or 1980's it should take more to consider it bad. This is true for anything measuring current standards versus past. Was the action considered bad at the time among general societal standards?

    4) How to make amends? Admission of guilt, sincere heartfelt believable regret and apology, actions afterwards to demonstrate the change more than just words.Has Shane Dawson admitted guilt, issued an apology "felt" by the public as real, done things to show his support of the standards today. If he did for example a racist action, has he now stood with BLM and if now wealthy, contributed financially to causes to fight prejudice?  Not excuses to enrage people more. Not justifications.

    Hear Utah Lt Governor Cox speak at an LGBTQ rally after the Orlando shooting.

    He is now praised. This is what one says as an apology and admission of guilt, and his later actions do confirm. What has Shane Dawson said and done? 

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    If you are not black it is not your apology to accept, those black face and pedo videos might of been made years ago but the mofo still had them up on his old channel and only just deleted them after the recent backlash so he was still making money off these racist *** videos and the stuff he did wasn’t even funny maybe to a 7 year old. This stuff was brought up now because Shane wrote that letter talking crap and called out the whole beauty community on YouTube so people started to get the digging out of his past to call him out

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