USPS package, deliver to another address?

I have a package being shipped to Vegas because it can not legally be shipped to California. I checked the tracking updates and it's currently in a city about 25 miles away. USPS gives me an option to deliver to a different address, would there be any note for the package that it can't be shipped to California? What is the most likely outcome if I changed the address to out here?

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  • 3 weeks ago

    No one can answer this 100%.  No one knows if the shipper used the USPS endorsement 'Do Not Forward'.  If they did, it doesn't matter that USPS may be showing you an option to make delivery to another address, if the package is marked 'Do Not Forward', it will go to the address on the package or it will be returned to the shipper.

    If the shipper did not use this endorsement, then it's possible that USPS may allow you to re-route delivery.  I am guessing that, for liability reasons, most companies that ship items that are banned in some states will use the 'Do Not Forward' endorsement to protect themselves from people like you who try to get around the law.

    Source(s): Retired letter carrier 38 years.
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