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Power strip causing appliance to behave oddly?

So I have this dehumidifier and I noticed that when it's plugged to a power strip along with different appliances like a fan and lamp it behaves differently from when I plug it in a single wall socket. 

When it's plugged in to the power strip, I use manual mode and select one of the three fan speeds. Usually low. After two or three minutes the fan will automatically go on high. The indicator still shows it at 1 and when I cycle through the different speeds there is no change in the fan speed. 

When I plug it into the wall socket, it works as intended. I can select whatever fan speed I want and it won't automatically go on high after a few minutes. 

None of the other appliances that I have plugged on the same strip have exhibited any abnormal issues. 

Is this a voltage thing, or something to do with the appliance itself? I've checked the voltage on the strip and it's more or less the same as the wall outlets. 

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  • 4 weeks ago

    The cheap made power bar ( low cost from Dollars store those China made low grade product imported by Dollar store owner ) is made of very thin wire and poor socket contacts ( steel rather than copper ). Since dehumidifier takes  at least 600W or more, and its power surge while the compressor is starting ( fan running at the same time) is very high. Too thin wire ( and poor joints ) along the power bar at the socket the dehumidifier  has high voltage drops, that might jam the electronic control circuit and causing control setting vary from manual setting. Those control circuit ever being tested under different condition like yours. So, live with it, because I had one had the trouble to control the fan speed even the remote control sets the fan in Low, but still running at High and occasional it drops into Low by itself. 

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