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Everyone on Yahoo Answers and real life calls me an idiot, moron, etc is there a way to help?

Ever since I joined yahoo answers everybody hated from day 1 like my first post's first answer starts out with "You are a stupid moron" and on a reply to one of my latest posts the person called me an idiot. This is making me sad. It's about the same story for real life but hey, I am just a depressed teen. Is there a way for peeps to like me again

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    For the record, you have one person calling you a "whiny moron" and one calling you an "idiot". That's hardly 'everyone'.

    In general, your writing is bad as well making you look less than smart.

    You claimed "I'm a teen, not young". That's an ignorant statement. Teens by definition are young.

    Your questions, especially about COVID where you worry about being near the window having leg hair pop out, sounds like nothing but a troll.  If it's not, then you need to get professional help.  Nobody here will give you sympathy.  When you ask real questions that aren't focused on your less than big issues or your mental illness (yes, that COVID question highlights a mental problem) then you aren't judged in that manner.

  • k w
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    4 weeks ago

    just put them on the ....... pay-me-no-mind-list  ......... and just move on......

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