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How will people be dealing with this year’s cold and flu season?

With COVID-19 going on and it’ll also be the time of year to catch a cold or the flu (which will be in the Fall or Winter) winter and Fall. People associate Colds and Flu with the winter and Fall because we’re in close quarters (all cooped up or all churned up inside) and it makes it easier for germs to go around. We’ll probably be having to deal the other 4 strains of coronavirus this Fall and Winter as well as this one, and the other viruses that cause a cold like the rhinoviruses. Winter and Fall are the perfect times of the year to be catching either a “cold,” or the “flu,” (due to being in close quarters).

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    Precautions against covid-19: social isolation, shielding and wearing masks in public, are just as effective against colds and flu.

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