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I need the answer please!!?

The following information is available for APC Corporation for the year ended

December 31, 2015: Sales $700,000; operating expenses BD 150,000; cost of

goods sold BD 300,000.(10 marks)


Cash at the beginning of the year is BD40,000

Cash at the end of the year is BD425,000

The company purchased machine worth of BD 5,000

The company issued stock worth of BD 60,000

The company taken bank loan of BD10,000

The company sold its building worth of BD 100,000

preferred stock dividend BD 30000


2- Evaluate policies and procedures used by managers to protect the company’s assets.( 5marks)


3-1- AMADO Company has the following inventory, purchases, and sales data for the month of May.


Beginning Inventory:​​July 1​ ​100 units @ $2​ $200


Purchases:​​ ​July 10​ ​40 units @ $3​ 120

​​​​July 20 ​ 100 units @ $5 500​​​​

Sales:​​​​July 12 ​ 80 units

​​​​July 27​ 30 units



Under a periodic inventory system, determine the cost of good sold & ending inventory cost at May 31 under (a) FIFO and (b) average-cost.




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    Nope, not doing your homework for you.

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