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Seriously weird sound issue on tv?

Ok so i was watching an episode of bobs burgers (better off sled) on tv. But about halfway through the episode the sound just kinda... Stopped working right? It wasn't mute. Just the voices were gone but the soundtrack, background music, and sound effects where all still there! Just the dialogue was gone! It was so bizzar!  

The issue was only present on that episode on that channel. It was so weird. I know technical errors can happen sometimes and maybe the station just got an unfinished copy of the episode by accident? But this is just such a weird thing to happen can anyone who knows about tv brodcasts explain how something like this even happens??? 

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    The effect you experienced is Not "weird". 


    It is very common, 

    and it is the result of the loss of the single ground for two-channel signals. 

    When that happens, what you get is the Difference between the two channels. 

    Since most dialog is centred, it is at the same level in both channels, 

    so it cancels out. 

    Music and sound effects are often panned (partway) to one side or the other, 

    so they don't fully cancel. 


    Cancellation of this sort is the primary operative principle of the Thompson Vocal  Eliminator, a product that first appeared decades ago for use by amateur singers. 

    It was advertised in the back sections of audio magazines and other places. 

    There is now a software version of it available. 



    When there is a defect in video and/or sound on only one TV channel, 

    it is caused by a technical fault in the signal chain either at the studio 

    or in the transmission chain for that specific channel.  

    Of course there is nothing the viewer can do about it.    

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    That's a symptom of having 5.1 sound selected on a system that does not have a centre speaker.

    A 5.1 system separates out the dialog and that is routed to the centre channel; if there is no centre speaker, you get everything except dialog...

    Without knowing the audio setup on the TV I can't help with the cause of the change.

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